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Bradner, Ohio  43406

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Recycle at N.A.T.

SPECIAL NOTICE:  Recycling at N.A.T. in Danger of Closing

Recycle with N.A.T. Transportation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!  The following materials can be recycled at N.A.T. Transportation:

            Newspaper, loose removed from bags and not tied.

            Beverage cans of any type.

            Steel food cans without labels.

            No. 1 plastic bottles without lids.

            No. 2 plastic bottles without lids.

            Corrugated Cardboard.

            Office Paper.

            Magazines (glossy only) with inserts removed.


            Glass Bottles      

            Wet cell automotive batteries.


All recyclables must be rinsed and clean of all food and foreign material.

NO lids on any plastic bottles.

NO plastic tubs or pails (butter tubs, ice cream pails, carry out and deli containers).

NO aluminum foil (pot pies, pie shells, TV dinners).

NO oil or chemical containers.

FOOD and BEVERAGE containers only