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Village of Luckey Organic Recycling


Luckey residents are invited to take advantage of our recycling program offered for organic recyclables ONLY that will be picked up at the curbside every Thursday.  For examples of organic materials, see our decal on the lid, also listed here.

Items that can be recycling in this program include:

Newspaper Grass and Leaves
Magazines Twigs and Flowers
Cardboard Fruit and Bread
Paper Towels Vegetables
Coffee Filters Dairy and Eggs
Clean Junk Mail Meat and Bones
Writing Paper Coffee Grounds

PLEASE, no glass, no metal, no plastic, no rocks,

no painted wood, no styro-foam, no foil or foil packages.

We will not sort; cart will not be dumped.


Set your cart out each week with the metal pickup bar at the street side, at least 4 feet from your trash cart.

No extra will be picked up; all material must be in cart


Cart must be used at least every other week.

This is a serious recycling program for those who are really concerned about the environment!!!!!


Thank you for recycling with N.A.T.